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This area contains information on coming and gone events concerning both ACE Network and outside of it.
In particular the area lists workshops, short courses, contests and other events (a distinct area is dedicated to the conferences).

  Short Description Start Date End Date Location
  Seminar on Wideband and ultrawideband systems and technologies 06/11/2008 06/11/2008 London, UK
  WSSC'08 01/10/2008 03/10/2008 Toulouse, France
  Seminar on RF switching: MEMS or solid state 02/10/2008 02/10/2008 London, UK
  Cognitive radios - the next revolution? 18/09/2008 18/09/2008 London, UK
  The XXIX General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science 07/08/2008 16/08/2008 Illinois, USA
  Course on Electromagnetic Design of Antenna and Phased Array for Military Applications 09/06/2008 10/06/2008 Shrivenham, UK
  30th ESA Antenna Workshop 27/05/2008 30/05/2008 Noordwijk, The Netherlands
  NATO Advanced Research Workshop 07/05/2008 10/05/2008 Marrakesh, Morocco
  Course on Phased Arrays and Multi-Function Radar 10/04/2008 11/04/2008 Shrivenham, UK
  CTIA WIRELESS 2008 01/04/2008 03/04/2008 Las Vegas, USA
  Wireless World 2008 02/04/2008 03/04/2008 Sydney, Australia
  Seminar on Wideband, Multi-band Antennas and Arrays for Defense or Civil Applications 13/03/2008 13/03/2008 London, UK
  GigaHertz Symposium 2008 05/03/2008 06/03/2008 Sweden
  IWC Expo 2008 27/02/2008 29/02/2008 Las Vegas, USA
  RF and Microwave IC Design Seminar 28/02/2008 28/02/2008 London, UK
  EMV 2008 Exhibition 19/02/2008 21/02/2008 Düsseldorf, Germany
  Course on Antennas and Radiowave Propagation 11/02/2008 15/02/2008 Shrivenham, UK
  Joint DOI/USDA Radio Workshop 04/02/2008 08/02/2008 Las Vegas, USA
  Younger members evening 23/01/2008 23/01/2008 St Asaph, Wales
  IRSI 2007 10/12/2007 13/12/2007 Bangalore, India
  Ansoft Application Workshop 11/12/2007 11/12/2007 Munich, Germany
  RFIT 2007: IEEE Intl. Workshop on Radio-Frequency Integration Technology 09/12/2007 11/12/2007 Singapore
  Course on ATI's Antenna and Antenna Array Fundamentals 05/12/2007 07/12/2007 Los Angeles, USA
  Location Technologies Seminar 06/12/2007 06/12/2007 London, UK
  CST EM STUDIO Workshop 05/12/2007 05/12/2007 Torino, Italy
  Seminar on Satellites role in supporting UAV Operations 05/12/2007 05/12/2007 London, UK
  EMC Compo 2007 28/11/2007 30/11/2007 Torino, Italy
  EM DAY 2007 29/11/2007 29/11/2007 Middlesex, UK
  Profit from Technology 27/11/2007 27/11/2007 Aalborg, Denmark
  The National Engineering and Construction Recruitment Exhibition (NECR) 23/11/2007 24/11/2007 Birmingham, UK
  Radio Techniques and Technologies for Commercial Communication and Sensing Applications 21/11/2007 22/11/2007 Adlershof, Germany
  CST UK Customer Workshop 22/11/2007 22/11/2007 Reading, UK
  IET Forum on Medical Electromagnetics 21/11/2007 21/11/2007 London, UK
  Lecture on Next generation telecommunications networks 21/11/2007 21/11/2007 Bromley, UK
  The 5th International Telecom Sync Forum, ITSF 13/11/2007 15/11/2007 Savoy Place, London, UK
  IET 2007 Innovation in Engineering Awards Presentation Evening 13/11/2007 13/11/2007 London, UK
  RF Challenges for Multi-Standard Handsets 08/11/2007 08/11/2007 London, UK
  Course on Satellite Communication Systems 22/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Wireless Circuit Design: From System Architecture to Implementation 22/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on High-Speed PCB Design for EMC and Signal Integrity 22/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Modulation, Coding, and Iterative Techniques for Optimal Detection in Wireless Communications 22/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on RF Transceiver Architecture, System Design, and Evaluation for Wireless Systems 22/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Synchronization and Interconnect in Multi-Clock Domain Systems-on-Chips, SoC 24/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Next Generation Networks: Broadband Infrastructure, ATM Switching, High-Speed LAN Systems, The Internet Architecture, and Wireless/Mobile Technology 22/10/2007 26/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Emerging Wireless Access Technologies: OFDM, MIMO, WiMAX and UWB 22/10/2007 25/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Advanced Array Antennas: Conformal Arrays and Digital Beamforming 22/10/2007 24/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on 3D EM Simulation in the Wireless World 24/10/2007 24/10/2007 Netherlands
  Course on System Based Approach to Data Converter Design 22/10/2007 24/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Course on Short Range Wireless Communications 22/10/2007 23/10/2007 Barcelona, Spain
  Smart Antennas and Cooperative Communications Seminar 22/10/2007 22/10/2007 London, UK
  CEM-TD 2007: Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics in Time-Domain 15/10/2007 17/10/2007 Perugia, Italy
  Work shop on State of the art 3D electromagnetic simulation 17/10/2007 17/10/2007 Lund, Sweden
  Industrial Networking and Wireless Communications in Control 16/10/2007 16/10/2007 Warwick, UK
  SAME 2007 Forum: Sophia Antipolis MicroElectronics 03/10/2007 04/10/2007 Sophia Antipolis, France
  Electromagnetics Seminar and Hands-On Workshop 03/10/2007 03/10/2007 Hatfield, UK
  CMRF 2007: Workshop on Compact Modeling for RF/Microwave Applications 03/10/2007 03/10/2007 Boston, USA
  Lecture on 3G and beyond - the changing world of telecoms 01/10/2007 01/10/2007 Bristol, UK
  Course on Design and Simulation of RF Systems 24/09/2007 28/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on EMC Engineering for Wired and Wireless Design 24/09/2007 28/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on RF and Microwave Filter Design with EM Simulation 25/09/2007 28/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on Far-Field, Anechoic Chamber, Compact and Near-Field Antenna Measurement Techniques 24/09/2007 28/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on Digital Signal Analysis Techniques: Time, Frequency, and Spatial Algorithms 24/09/2007 28/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on Digital Imaging: Image Capturing, Image Sensors, Technologies and Applications 24/09/2007 28/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on RF Components and Systems Measurements 24/09/2007 27/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Course on Digital Speech Transmission - Advanced Echo & Noise Control, Speech Coding, Error Concealment, and Artificial Wideband Extension 24/09/2007 27/09/2007 Copenhagen, Denmark
  Wireless Seminar 24/09/2007 25/09/2007 Calgary, Canada
  RF and Microwave Research in UK Universities 25/09/2007 25/09/2007 Birmingham, UK
  Seminar on Cognitive radios - the next revolution? 18/09/2007 18/09/2007 London, UK
  TTC 2007: Workshop on Tracking, Telemetry and Command Systems for Space Applications 11/09/2007 14/09/2007 Darmstadt, Germany
  ELECTROENVIRO Seminar 2007 10/09/2007 12/09/2007 The New Forest, UK
  Workshop on Remote and Virtual Laboratory Applications in Engineering Education 07/09/2007 07/09/2007 Athens, Greece
  ACE Contest for the smallest and most efficient small antenna - 31/08/2007 -
  CEMÂ’07: Computational Electromagnetics Workshop 30/08/2007 31/08/2007 Izmir, Turkey
  The 22nd Residential Training Course on Satellite Communications Systems 15/07/2007 20/07/2007 Guildford, UK
  BCS Basics of Artificial Intelligence Workshop 12/07/2007 12/07/2007 London, UK
  Course on Successful RF PCB Design 11/07/2007 11/07/2007 Oxford, UK
  Course on Practical RF / Microwave Design 02/07/2007 06/07/2007 Oxford, UK
  Seminar on Antenna and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communication 24/04/2007 24/04/2007 London, UK
  29th ESA Antenna Workshop 18/04/2007 20/04/2007 Noordwijk, The Netherlands
  Advanced Short Course and Workshop on GPR 24/01/2007 26/01/2007 Granada, Spain
  5th European Workshop on Conformal Antennas (EWCA 2007) 09/10/2006 09/11/2006 Bristol, UK
  Undergraduate Open Days at the University of Birmingham 22/09/2006 23/09/2006 Birmingham, UK
  ACE Workshop at IST Summit 2006 08/06/2006 08/06/2006 Mykonos, Greece
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