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Antennas Community

ACE Network

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)
Sixth EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. 
Information Society Technologies (IST)
One of the seven Thematic Priorities set out by the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for the period 2002-2006. This site provides essential information for participating in the IST priority. 
CORDIS Technology Market Place
An online service highlighting the latest research results from European R&D aimed at exploitation.
European co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research Telecommunications. 
EG-Liaison supports organisations in finding the necessary partners for their RTD-project. This service is available for both Dutch and European organisations.
eLearning portal
The portal addresses key issues on new learning processes and the educational use of technology providing relevant topic information.
IDEAL-IST finds partners for every type of Organisation wishing to participate in the European Union's Information Society Technologies Programme (IST).
National Contact Points for EU funded research
Provides a search facility for country contacts who can advise on participation in EU funded R&D.
SME TechWeb
This European Commission website provides information and resources for technology-orientated companies with fewer than 250 employees (small and medium-sized enterprises, or SME's)- especially those wishing to innovate and internationalise. 
The European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO)
ESTO is a network of organisations operating under the European Commission's - Joint Research Centre's (JRC's) Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS).
European Science Foundation
The European Science Foundation promotes high quality science at a European level. It acts as a catalyst for the development of science by bringing together leading scientists and funding agencies to debate, plan and implement pan-European initiatives.
INTAS is an independent International Association formed by the European Community, European Union's Member States and like minded countries acting to preserve and promote the valuable scientific potential of the NIS partner countries through East-West Scientific co-operation.
IEE Antennas & Propagation - virtual community
The IEE Antennas & Propagation professional network will cover all aspects of the theory, design and modeling of antenna systems and associated components, as well as theoretical and wave experimental studies of electromagnetic wave propagation at any frequency. 
COST 284
Innovative Antennas for Terrestrial & Space-Based Applications
Metamorphose NoE
The main scientific objective of the partners of this network of excellence is to develop new types of artificial materials, referred to below as metamaterials, with electromagnetic properties that cannot be found among natural materials.
Antenna Systems & Sensor for Information Society Technologies (ASSIST)
Electromagnetic Tutorials and Forums
Tutorials and discussion forums in the field of Electromagnetics
Galleries of Electromagnetic Personalities
A good website having the biography of well-known scientists in electromagnetics
The Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society
The website of  Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES)
Free Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Codes
Free Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Codes for variuos software and a brief introduction of the softwares used is available
RF Zone
Contains some e-books and other information on RF and wireless comms
Online calculations and conversions for Antennas
Formulas for simulating and optimizing Antenna specs and placement
Applied Technology Institute
ATI offers short courses and training oppertunities in various field of engineering and technology.
Antenna Systems and Technology
Antenna Systems & Technology is a trade magazine for antenna professionals, including commercial operators, OEMs that integrate antennas and components into their wireless systems and infrastructures, antenna manufacturers, dealers/distributors and companies involved with wireless systems, cellular, and RF & microwave communications markets.
Conformity Magazine
Conformity is the preferred publication for current regulatory and design information in the field of electrical engineering. It contains the events and conferences to held in future in the field of electromagnetics and communicaitons.
Journal Info
On this site you can find a list of famous journals in various subject areas. It has the links to the famous journals in the electromagnetics and antennas field.
Antenna Modeling
This site contains some useful informaion on modeling antennas.
AntenaX Magazine
An online Magazine on Antennas.
Microwave101 Resource website is a practical web resource covering the fundamental principles of microwave design, just for microwave engineers like you. Check out our encyclopedia, editorials, and the infamous "microwave mortuary".
IEEE EMC Society
The IEEE EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) Society’s field of interest is on engineering related to the electromagnetic environmental effects of systems to be compatible with themselves and their intended operating environment.
RFcom is an internet-based information resource about health effects of wireless technologies.
Java tutorials on electromagnetic principles

Java tutorials on electromagnetic principles. The browser needs to be Java enabled.

Educators Corner by Agilent
Collection of animations, slide shows, and other engineering-related teaching aids.  Includes topics such as modulation, RF signals, and using instrumentation.
Antenna measurements and Techniques Association

The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association was formed in 1979, and incorporated in the State of Georgia, March 10, 1989 as a non-profit professional organization, open to individuals with an interest in antenna measurements. Areas of interest include: measurement facilities, unique or innovative measurement techniques, test instrumentation and systems, RCS measurements, compact range design and evaluation, near-field techniques and their applications, and the practical aspects of measurement problems and their solutions.

Microwave Journal

A free online journal on microwave and wireless communications.

Electromagnetic Careers
A job search site with is exclusively focused on employment opportunities for RF, microwave, antenna & related test engineers.
Transmission line calculator
This is a program developed by Dr. G.R.Traut, Corporate Research Fellow of Rogers Corporation, to calculate the line width and impedance (as well as loss, temperature rise and coupling coefficient) of stripline, offset stripline and microstrip circuitry.
Collective Knowledge

A resource website containing applets and visual animations on electromagentics and many other topics.

The Collective Knowledge Resource Portal was developed to investigate how computer technologies can enhance student conceptual understanding and problem solving abilities.

Electromagnetic and light scattering by particles - Newsletter
A website for the newsletter on Electromagnetic and light scattering giving the information about upcoming conferences and events, lectures and contains links and resources.
URSI Radio Science Bulletin
The Radio Science Bulletin (published quarterly in March, June, September and December) contains scientific articles covering the fields of interest of the ten scientific commissions of URSI. Emphasis lies on non-specialised contributions that are oriented towards the radioscientist community.
Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies

Web-page of the Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF) wihich is an Expert Committee of the European Science Foundation (ESF).

It coordinates activities to keep the frequency bands used by radio astronomers free from interference.

IUCAF is an international committee (set up in 1960 by URSI, IAU, and COSPAR) that works in the field of spectrum management on behalf of the passive radio sciences, like radio astronomy, remote sensing, space research, and meteorological remote sensing. The IUCAF brief is to study and coordinate the requirements for radio frequency allocations established by the afore-mentioned sciences and to make these requirements known to the national and internationl bodies responsible for frequency allocations.
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies. As the global focal point for governments and the private sector, ITU's role in helping the world communicate spans 3 core sectors: radiocommunication, standardization and development.
Knowledge on TechRepublic
A web resource containing white papers and articles on various articles related to antennas and electromagnetics and many more.
Antenna Measurement Resources by Agilent

Contains  resources which will provides additional information to understand the latest antenna measurement techniques and improve antenna measurement practices.

Microwave News
A magazine with some articles on line.
Focus On

Antenna Research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

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