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ACE Network

ACE (Antenna Centre of Excellence) is a Network of Excellence in the European 6th Framework Programme - IST (
ACE aims to structure the fragmented European antenna R&D, reduce duplications and boost excellence and competitiveness in key areas. ACE deals with the antenna function of radio systems.
ACE is focused on the electromagnetic interface from conductors to free space radiated waves, the beam-forming functions, whether they are analogue or digital, and adaptive "smart" systems to optimize communication systems performance.

This area contains information on the Activities that compose the ACE project (ACE-2 project, from 1st January 2006 to 31st December 2007).

  Activity Acronym Activity Name Responsible E-mail
  A1.0 Coordination with Wireless Applications Per Ingvarson
  A1.1 ASI: Antenna Software Initiative Guy Vandenbosch
  A1.2 Antenna Measurement Techniques and Facilities sharing Olav Breinbjerg
  A1.3 Virtual Centre of Excellence Bruno Casali
  A1.4 Ultra Wideband Communications and Sensors Werner Wiesbeck
  A2.1 MM & Sub-MM Waves / Integrated Antennas Peter Hall
  A2.2 Small Antennas Marta Martinez
  A2.3 Wideband & Multiband Antennas Peter Balling
  A2.4 Planar & Conformal Arrays Gérard Caille
  A2.5 Smart Antenna Systems Angeliki Alexiou
  A2.6 Mobile to Mobile Communications (C2C, V2X ...) Werner Wiesbeck
  A3.1 Training and Education Björn Lindmark
  A3.2 Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer Management Juan Mosig
  A4.1 Technical Management Per Ingvarson
  A4.2 Contractual Management Bruno Casali
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Antenna Research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

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