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Course on Electromagnetic Design of Antenna and Phased Array for Military Applications

There is a growing interest in phased array antenna systems, stemming from radar, mobile communications, satellite broadcasting and radio astronomy. This course introduces the principles, design and application of array and phased array antennas. Illustrated with numerical simulations, practical experiment and numerous worked examples, the course is a valuable tool and reference source for those wishing to improve their understanding of array antenna systems.

The course will cover the following topics: Introduction to antenna characteristics and the selection and design of antenna elements, The design and performance of linear, planar and circular arrays through discussion of array principles and characteristics, Array feeding, means of phase shifting, active element pattern and mutual coupling, Radome and FSS design and performance, impedance blending and matching, Techniques to improve array performance, including sequential rotation and reactive loading. Specialist array design such as sparse and conformal, Electromagnetic modelling of antenna and array performance, Array and phased array antenna measurements.

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MIKON 2008

The 17th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications (MIKON 2008) will be hold in Wroclaw (Poland) on May 19-21. The main topics of the conference will be Antenna Design, Modeling and Measurement,Active Devices and Components,Passive Devices and Components, Microwave and Optical Integrated Circuits, Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Technology, Microwave Measurements, Microwave and Optical Communication Systems, Wireless and Personal Communications, Radar Technology, Radar Polarimetry and Signatures, Teaching Microwaves. 


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IEEE RFID 2008 is a highly selective conference focusing on wireless identification and sensing systems, security features and approaches appropriate for these systems, technical and policy-related research and solutions on the technologies, design, manufacture, deployment, and application of RFID systems and their supporting information systems and application infrastructures. This conference is ideal for addressing the challenges facing the design, manufacture, deployment, use, and fundamental limits of wireless identification and sensing systems.
The conference will feature keynote speeches from leading visionaries, presentations of groundbreaking technology advances, panel discussions on pressing topics, poster sessions reporting preliminary results and works in progress, and, of course, benefits from our co-location with the RFID Journal Live! 2008 tradeshow and conference.

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