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A1.1 ASI: Antenna Software Initiative Guy Vandenbosch

One of the efforts being performed within ACE is the Antenna Software Initiative (ASI). The reason for this is the observation that although for a long time already there has been a strong coordination in fundamental antenna modeling problems in Europe, concerning the actual software itself, the European effort is still scattered.

In answer to this problem, within the ACE network in a first step an inventory was made of the software available among all partners of ACE, describing in detail the possibilities and limitations (capabilities to handle complex structures, environments, feeds, active components,...). This was the basis for all further work within the ASI.

Two high level activities have been performed after the inventory phase:

1.         benchmarking of existing software codes, and

2.         laying the foundations for a European software library.

The pillars on which this library will be build are the following:

1. The Electromagnetic Data Interface (EDI). This activity consists of defining a standardized way of storing electromagnetic data (currents, fields, ...) in files (the so-called Data Dictionaries), and of developing the necessary software routines to do this automatically through a simple routine call.

2. A better understanding of the problems encountered during the integration of actual software already available at this moment at a European level. Several integration activities were set up between groups of a few partners.

3. Development of modular and hybrid techniques at a European level. The idea here is to work out procedures to develop these approaches in a “European” group rather than at the individual research group level, in this way taking into account different views, and taking into account the various constraints.


The ASI structure.

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