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A1.3 Virtual Centre of Excellence Bruno Casali

The Virtual Centre of Excellence in Antenna research (VCE), started during ACE-1 at, is currently improved by ACE-2 duration and prepared to be self-sustaining beyond the ACE Network.

The VCE is a thematic Internet Portal able to offer interactive services to remote users and is designed to act as the backbone for the ACE activities management and the exchange of the information within the network, towards the scientific community and the citizens.



The VCE is structured into three sections:

1.     ACE Public Area: a set of static pages where unrestricted information is published; this is mainly for citizen awareness.

2.     ACE Community Area: accessible by registration for researchers of Organisations interested in ACE research, but outside the ACE Consortium. It contains relevant information on antenna research (coming also from ACE) and is very useful to widen the impact beyond the Network.

3.     ACE Network Area: accessible by username/password for the researchers involved in the Network. It contains restricted information and provides a set of tailored services for the network management.


A special care has been devoted to the management of the intellectual property rights during dissemination, when the information from the ACE Network Area is transferred to the ACE Community or ACE Public Areas.

Moreover, the VCE adopt the latest technologies (such as Encryption, SSL, etc.) to protect the restricted information.

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