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Offered Role Submission Deadline Start Date Duration (months) Organization
PhD Studentship on antenna field scattering and diffraction control 31/12/2007 03/03/2008 36 Cranfield University (Laboratory of Electromagnetic Research), UK

Antenna Field Scattering and Diffraction Control by Nonlinear and Holographic Patterned Metamaterial Surfaces

Laboratory of Electromagnetic Research

This PhD investigation is intended to provide an understanding off and ways of exploiting the physical properties of wave propagation in electromagnetic metamaterials. The goal is to obtain useful radiation and scattering characteristics for the practical realisation of novel and advanced antenna systems in future wireless communication or radar systems. The research will embrace a number of inter-linked themes;
  • Reconfigurable absorption and frequency selectivity.
  • Formation of radiated fields and beam control on holographic lattices.
  • Scanning of radiated fields and beams using active non-linear lattices.
  • Polarisation diversity lattices.
  • Metamaterial design and parameter optimisation using probabilistic and numerical methods.
The research builds on existing spin out technology and numerical methods developed during two previously highly successful studies funded as part of a DSTL research and development effort.

More information is available in attachments area.

File Size Date
PhD Studentship.pdf 94 kB 05/11/2007
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