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URSI F Open Symposium '07 27/07/2007 30/10/2007 02/11/2007 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


11th URSI Commission F Triennial Open Symposiuim on Radio Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing


Papers are invited on, but not limited to, the following topics relating to radio wave propagation and remote sensing:


Asymptotic, full wave, numerical and hybrid methods; Radio meteorology and climatology, including clear air and precipitation effects; Propagation for fixed and mobile terrestrial and satellite services; Propagation for position location and navigation services; Propagation effects of irregular terrain and buildings; Propagation aspects of interference and frequency management; Propagation modeling and measurements for MIMO, UWB and FSO applications; Propagation for mobile and personal access systems; Over and under water propagation; Propagation in subsurface and biological media; Penetration, coupling and shielding of radio waves; Rough surface and random media scattering; Propagation and scattering in vegetation; Channel measurements and modeling; Transient fields and effects;


Radar, radiometer and optical sensing of land, sea, ice, subsurface and atmosphere; Applications on  environmental and disaster management; Forestry, agriculture and subsurface topography; Radar meteorology; Doppler radar, SAR, ISAR, InSAR, PolInSAR; Propagation aspects of radar remote sensing of buried objects; Urban remote sensing; Evaluation of orbital and airborne systems; Remote sensing of atmosphere and ocean; Propagation and scattering in vegetation - remote sensing applications.


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