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ISMOT 2007 15/07/2007 17/12/2007 21/12/2007 Monte Porzio Catone, Italy

ISMOT 2007

International Symposium on Microwave and Optical Technology 


Monte Porzio Catone, Italy

17-21 December 2007


The research fields covered by ISMOT are all in the area of microwave components and circuits, optical components and devices, microwave and optical communication systems, electromagnetic theory, antennas, microwave photonics, and all other topics of interest to microwave and optical community.


The ISMOT is intended to provide an international forum for exchanging new ideas, thoughts, and achievements on physics, technologies, and applications of microwave, optoelectronics, and related fields. We would like warmly to welcome you joining us and appreciate your contributions to the conference. Contributed papers are solicited describing original work.


Conference Topics

 Microwave and millimeter-wave components and systems

 Solid-state devices


 Microwave materials

 Microwave superconductivity applications

 Communication systems

 Antennas and radar technologies

 Numerical methods and CAD techniques

 Propagation/scattering and measurements

 Electromagnetic theory


 Optical fibers and waveguides

 Optical solitons

 Optical communications/network and sensors

 Optical multiplexing/demultiplexing

 Laser technology

 Metamaterials in microwave and photonics

 Microwave photonics

 Remote sensing

 Signal processing

 Biological effects and applications

 Industry and environmental effects

 Microwave/optical education

 Other topics of interest to microwave and photonics communities


Important Dates

New deadline for abstract submission:                                      July – 15th, 2007

Notification of accepted papers:                                                 September – 15th, 2007

Submission of full papers:                                                          October – 31st, 2007

Pre-registration:                                                                          October – 31st, 2007



More information is available on the website


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