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LAPC 2008 26/11/2007 17/03/2008 18/03/2008 Loughborough, UK

LAPC 2008

Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference 2008



17-18 March 2008

Loughborough, UK



LAPC 2008 will focus on fresh ideas for technology in applications and theory for both academia and commerce throughout the international community.

To maximise the opportunity for productive networking, we continue the successful format of a series of high-grade invited speaker talks followed by open poster sessions co-located with high quality exhibitors. With no parallel oral sessions you miss nothing! A special poster session providing information on the research activities of each participating academic research group will be an added feature this year.


Active and Integrated Array Antennas, Adaptive and Smart Antennas, Antenna Measurements, Antennas for Software Defined Radio, Automotive Antennas, Conformal Antennas, Microstrip and Printed Antennas, Millimetre Wave & THz Antennas, Mobile and Base Station Antennas, Multiband/Wideband Antennas New Concepts in Antennas, Optical Technology in Antennas, Phased Arrays and Feeding Circuits, Reconfigurable Antennas, Reflector/Lens & Feeds, Slot Antennas, Small Antennas, Antenna Feed Systems, Antennas for Medical Applications.


Earth-Space & Terrestrial Propagation, Ionospheric Propagation, Millimetre & Optical Wave Propagation, Mobile & Indoor Propagation, Mobile Channel Characterisation & Modelling, Radio Astronomy, Remote Sensing, SAR Polarimetry & Interferometry, Wireless Sensor Networks.                   


Related Topics

Metamaterials, Active Materials, Bioelectromagnetics, Computational Electromagnetics, EMC/EMI Simulations & Measurements, Periodic Structures, Radar Cross Section, Scattering & Diffraction, Tunable Surfaces, UWB & Impulse Radio, Waveguides, Quasi-optical systems



Important Dates


Deadline for submission of papers                                                26 Nov 2007



More information is available on the website

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