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ISAP 2008 31/05/2008 27/10/2008 30/10/2008 Taipei, Taiwan

ISAP 2008

International symposium on Antennas and propagation


27-30 October 2008

Taipei, Taiwan


This conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent advances in the fields of antennas and the propagation, in order to exchange ideas and information among worldwide researchers in these fields. This International Symposium is organized by the Yuan Ze University and Oriental Institute of Technology, and will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) from the 27th to the 30th of October 2008.


Selected Topics


Antennas and Related Topics

Antenna Measurements , Active and Integrated Antennas, Array Antennas, Phased Arrays and Feeding Circuits , Small Antennas , Optical Technology in Antennas , Multiband/wideband Antennas , Slot Antennas , Reflector/Lens Antennas and Feeds , Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Antennas , Adaptive and Smart Antennas , Mobile and Base Station Antennas , Microstrip and Printed Antennas, Others


Propagation and Related Topics

Mobile and Indoor Propagation , Radio Astronomy , Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling , Remote Sensing , SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry , Millimeter and Optical Wave Propagation , Ionospheric Propagation , Earth-Space and Terrestrial Propagation , Others Systems and Other Related Topics , UWB and Impulse Radio , High Power Microwave Applications , Biological Effects and Medical Applications , Ubiquitous Network Systems , Advanced Materials for EM Applications , Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transportion Systems , Subsurface Sensing , Satellite Communication Systems , EMC/EMI Simulations and Measurements , Chip Level Electromagnetic Phenomena - Interconnection and Packaging , RFID and Applications , Others


Electromagnetic Wave Theories

Wave Guiding Structures , High-Frequency Techniques , Theoretical Electromagnetics and Analytical Methods , Inverse Problems , Random Media and Rough Surfaces , Complex/Artificial Media and Metamaterials , Scattering and Diffraction , Computational Electromagnetics , Periodic and Band-Gap Structures , Time Domain Techniques , Others


Important Dates


Deadline for submission of papers (in PDF format only)            31 May 2008

Notification of Acceptance                                                         15 July 2008





 More information is available on the website



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