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ARP 2008 01/12/2007 16/04/2008 18/04/2008 Maryland, USA

ARP 2008

The Fifth IASTED International Conference on Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation


April 16-18, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland, USA


The International Conference on Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation (ARP 2008) will be a major forum for international researchers and professionals to present their latest research, results, and ideas in all areas of antennas, radar, and wave propagation. ARP 2008 aims to strengthen relations between industry, research laboratories, and universities. All submissions will be double blind reviewed by at least two reviewers. Acceptance will be based primarily on originality and contribution.


The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:


Antennas and Antenna Arrays

  • Smart Antennas
  • Micro Strip Antennas
  • Antenna-Coupled Infrared Detectors
  • Micro Machined Monolithic Antennas
  • Phased-Array Antennas
  • Fractal Element Antennas
  • Reflector Antennas
  • Beam Scanning Capability
  • Photonics in Antenna Systems
  • MEMS Components
  • Modelling
  • Performance Evaluation


  • SAR / ISAR
  • Chaotic Signal Radar
  • MTI Radar
  • STAP
  • Super-Resolution Algorithms
  • Multiple Hypothesis Tracking
  • Beam Forming
  • Detection and Target ID Algorithms
  • Signal Processing
  • Radar Imaging

Wave Propagation

  • Satellite Propagation
  • Atmospheric Propagation
  • Indoor and Urban Propagation
  • Audio Propagation in Cellular Networks
  • Scattering, Diffraction, and Diversity
  • Wave Penetration
  • Bio-Electromagnetics

Materials and Structures

  • Microwave Materials
  • Electromagnetic Properties of Materials
  • Metamaterials
  • Periodic Structures
  • Band-Gap Structures
  • FSS
  • Waveguides
  • RF Circuit Components

Microwave Metrology

  • Instruments and Techniques for Measuring Impedance
  • Noise
  • Power
  • Time
  • Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Scattering Parameters
  • Biological Effects

Computational Electromagnetics

  • Propagation Modelling
  • Scattering and Inverse Scattering Problems
  • CAD
  • Channel Modelling
  • Meshing Strategy
  • Multipole Methods
  • Method of Moments
  • Wavelet-based Methods
  • Finite Element Analysis

 Important Deadlines


Submissions due                                                                                  December 1, 2007

Notification of acceptance                                                                   January 4, 2008

Final manuscripts due                                                                          February 1, 2008

Registration deadline                                                                            February 15, 2008



More information is available on the website



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