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Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems: 2nd Edition Simon R. Saunders, Alejandro Aragon-Zavala John Wiley & Sons 2007


Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems: 2nd Edition

Simon R. Saunders, Alejandro Aragon-Zavala

John Wiley & Sons


546 pages





Antennas and propagation are of fundamental importance to the coverage, capacity and quality of all wireless communication systems. This book provides a solid grounding in antennas and propagation, covering terrestrial and satellite radio systems in both mobile and fixed contexts. Building on the highly successful first edition, this fully updated text features significant new material and brand new exercises and supplementary materials to support course tutors. A vital source of information for practising and aspiring wireless communication engineers as well as for students at postgraduate and senior undergraduate levels, this book provides a fundamental grounding in the principles of antennas and propagation without excessive recourse to mathematics. It also equips the reader with practical prediction techniques for the design and analysis of a very wide range of common wireless communication systems.


  • Overview of the fundamental electromagnetic principles underlying propagation and antennas.
  • Basic concepts of antennas and their application to specific wireless systems.
  • Propagation measurement, modelling and prediction for fixed links, macrocells, microcells, picocells and megacells
  • Narrowband and wideband channel modelling and the effect of the channel on communication system performance.
  • Methods that overcome and transform channel impairments to enhance performance using diversity, adaptive antennas and equalisers.

Key second edition updates:

  • New chapters on Antennas for Mobile Systems and Channel Measurements for Mobile Radio Systems.
  • Coverage of new technologies, including MIMO antenna systems, Ultra Wideband (UWB) and the OFDM technology used in Wi-Fi and WiMax systems.
  • Many new propagation models for macrocells, microcells and picocells.
  • Fully revised and expanded end-of-chapter exercises.
  • Solutions manual and presentation slides available online for course tutors.


Table of Contents


Preface to the First Edition.


Preface to the Second Edition.


1. Introduction: The Wireless Communication Channel.


2. Properties of Electromagnetic Waves.


3. Propagation Mechanisms.


4. Antenna Fundamentals.


5. Basic Propagation Models.


6. Terrestrial Fixed Links.


7. Satellite Fixed Links.


8. Macrocells.  


9. Shadowing.


10. Narrowband Fast Fading.


11. Wideband Fast Fading.


12. Microcells.


13. Picocells.


14. Megacells.


15. Antennas for Mobile Systems.


16. Overcoming Narrowband Fading via Diversity.


17. Overcoming Wideband Fading.


18. Adaptive Antennas.


19. Channel Measurements for Mobile Systems.


20. Future Developments in the Wireless Communication Channel.


Appendix A Statistics, Probability and Stochastic Processes.


Appendix B Tables and Data.






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