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RADAR 2008 31/01/2008 02/09/2008 05/09/2008 Adelaide, Australia


RADAR 2008 Conference


Adelaide, Australia

2-5 Sep, 2008



·          One day of tutorials and three days of technical presentations are planned for the conference. RADAR 2008 will cover all aspects of radar systems for civil, security and defence applications. Tutorials will be held in a number of fields of radar technology. 

Paper submissions are now being accepted for RADAR 2008. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:


Major Theme: Maritime Surveillance 




·          Radar in the marine environment  

o         Maritime platform and target characteristics 

o         Propagation in the ocean boundary layer· 

o         Scattering from targets on or near the sea surface  

o         Sea clutter 

·          Radar systems 

o         Airborne, shipborne, land-based and space-based surveillance radar  

o         Tracking radar  

o         Multi-function radar  

o         HF and VHF radar 

o         Radar systems for UAVs 

·          Multistatic and netted radars  

o         Phenomenology  

o         Data fusion  

o         Resource management 

·          Radar subsystems  

o         Phased arrays  

o         Waveform design and generation 

·          Radar techniques, processing and displays  

o         SAR / ISAR / POLSAR / bistatic SAR imaging  

o         Radar polarimetry and calibration  

o         Knowledge-aided adaptive processing  

o         Geophysical applications and exploitation of sea clutter 

o         Target detection in sea clutter 

·          Modelling and simulation of radar environments  

o         Performance prediction  

o         Modelling for design  

o         Modelling for procurement  

o         Scenario modelling and simulation  

o         Specification and measurement 

·          Electronic attack / Electronic protection  

o         Anti-jam techniques  

o         Jamming effectiveness  

o         LPI techniques  

o         Active and passive radar decoys 

·          Test and Evaluation  

o         Land based test sites




Important Due Dates


Close of call for papers          31 January 2008

Notification of acceptance      2 May 2008

Camera-ready paper due        16 June 2008




More information is available on the website


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