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IMS 2008 14/09/2007 15/06/2008 20/06/2008 Atlanta, Georgia

IMS 2008

International Microwave Symposium


Atlanta, Georgia,

June 15-20 2008


The IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium 2008 (IMS 2008) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, Sunday, June 15 through Friday, June 20, 2008, as the centerpiece of Microwave Week 2008. Technical papers describing original work in research, development, and application of RF and microwave theory and techniques are solicited. Microwave Week 2008: The IMS 2008 technical sessions will run from Tuesday through Thursday of Microwave Week. Workshops will be held on Sunday, Monday, and Friday. In addition to IMS 2008, a microwave exhibition, a historical exhibit, the RFIC Symposium (, and the ARFTG Conference ( will also be held in Atlanta during Microwave Week 2008.


Technical sessions


1. Field Analysis and Guided Waves

2. Frequency Domain Techniques

3. Time Domain Techniques

4. CAD Algorithms and Techniques

5. Linear Device Modeling

6. Nonlinear Device Modeling

7. Nonlinear Circuit Analysis and System Simulation

8. Transmission Line Elements

9. Passive Circuit Elements

11. Non-Planar Passive Filters and Multiplexers

12. Active and Integrated Filters

13. Ferroelectric, Ferrite, and Acoustic Wave Components

14. MEMS Components and Technologies

15. Semiconductor Devices and Monolithic IC Technologies

16. Signal Generation

17. Frequency Conversion and Control

18. HF/VHF/UHF Technologies and Applications

19. Power-Amplifier Devices and Integrated Circuits

20. High-Power Amplifiers

21. Low Noise Components and Receivers

22. Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Components and Technologies

23. Microwave Photonics

24. Signal Processing Circuits and Systems at GHz Speeds

25. Packaging, Interconnects, MCMs, and Hybrid Manufacturing

26. Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques

27. Biological Effects and Medical Applications

28. Smart Antennas, Spatial Power Combining, and Phased Arrays

29. Radars and Broadband Communication Systems

30. Wireless and Cellular Communication Systems

31. Sensors and Sensor Systems


Important Due Dates


Proposals for short workshops, panels, and special sessions:            September 14, 2007

Manuscripts for review:                                                                         December 7, 2007

Final manuscripts:                                                                                   March 7, 2008



More information is available on the website

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