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EMC Zurich 2008 15/10/2007 19/05/2008 23/05/2008 Singapore




2008 Asia-Pacific Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility
in conjunction with the

19th Intern. Zurich Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility


At the Singapore SUNTEC International Convention & Exhibition Centre


The symposium will cover the entire scope of electromagnetic compatibility.  Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers on their latest research results.  We also solicit proposals for Topical Meetings, Industrial Forums, Workshops and Tutorials.


Integrated Circuit EMC

IC emission modeling
- IC susceptibility modeling
- IC emission measurement techniques
- IC susceptibility measurement techniques
- IC EMC standards and regulations
- Transient immunity
- IC EMC simulation tools
- IC signal integrity and power integrity
- System-on-chip EMC
- Nano-scale electronic EMC issues
- IC EMC design and guidelines
- IC application EMC issues
- Harsh environment effect on IC EMC
- Electrostatic discharge issues



Biomedical Electromagnetics


Session 1: Applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

• Coil Design

• SAR Computations

• Interactions with Medical Implants

Session 2: Medical Applications of EM Fields: Imaging, Diagnosis

and Treatment

• Electromagnetic Hyperthermia and Ablation Therapy

• Electrical Impedance Techniques

• Terahertz Imaging

Session 3: Dosimetry, SAR and Higher Frequency Interactions

• Cellular Telephone and Device Dosimetry and

Interference Assessment

• Compliance Systems and Standards

• Tissue Measurements and Characterization

• Exposure Studies

• RF Interactions

• Bio-Photonics


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