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IBCAST 2008 15/06/2007 07/01/2008 10/01/2008 Islamabad, Pakistan



The 6th International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST)


7th - 10th January, 2008 

Islamabad, Pakistan


Science and technology cannot survive in isolation. They are collaborative enterprises. Pakistan has a thriving scientific community working in universities and government research and development organizations. These scientists and engineers need to interact with their counterparts with in the country and abroad on a regular basis. This enables them to broaden their horizon and establish collaborative relations with others in their area of research on a formal and informal level. Conferences like IBCAST help to achieve this goal.


Science transcends borders, cultures and ethnicities. Scientific exchanges not only enhance our knowledge but also bring people closer. International conferences provide a suitable platform for this exchange of ideas and bridging of the gap between the developing and developed worlds.


The effect of a conference such as this just doesn't end with an exchange of knowledge among the scientists attending but a vital component of it is the projection of science and technology in the media, which brings home to non-scientists and others the importance of and the process that is called science.



The 6th IBCAST will consist of the following six activities:

1. Wireless Communication and Radar

•Mobile Communication

• Radar Systems

• Antenna Design/Digital Signal Processing of Phased Array Antennas

• RF Devices & Circuits

• Radio & Radar Signal Processing

• Software Radio

2. Computational Fluid Dynamics

3. Advanced Materials

4. Control and Simulation

5. Underwater Acoustics

6. Medical Science


Important Dates:

• Abstract Submission:                           15th June, 2007

• Acceptance of Abstracts:                    15th July , 2007

• Submission of full papers:                    31st August, 2007

• Acceptance of papers:                        01st November, 2007

• Registration of Participants:                  26th November, 2007




More information is available on the website



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