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Dynamic Electromagnetics Paul Diament Prentice Hall 2000


Dynamic Electromagnetics

Paul Diament

Prentice Hall


 511 pages





This exciting new book was designed for a one semester first course in electromagnetics for engineers and physicists. It represents a significant departure from the traditional format of electromagnetics textbooks. In recognition of the importance of dynamics, it deemphasizes electrostatics and magnetostatics, and avoids the need to teach partial differential equations and special functions. Instead, it stresses time variation and wave propagation phenomena. Mathematics used is at the level of elementary integral calculus. Instead of statics, time variation is treated from the start. The focus is on wave propagation, with transmission lines, both transient and steady state, treated in detail. Interpretations are stressed.


As a result of this approach the book is suitable for students preparing for concentration on wireless technology, communications, or high-frequency circuitry (as well as for those who will later specialize in microwaves, antennas, solid state devices, optics, photonics), without overwhelming these students with advanced mathematics.


Table of Contents


Gauss's Law, Surface Integrals, and Electric Fields.


Field Concept.

Definition Of Field.

Electric Field.

Effect Of The Medium.

Flux Of Vector Field.

Gauss's Law.

Determination Of Field From Flux.

Point Charge.

Coulomb's Law.

Superposition Of Fields.



Ampère's Law, Line Integrals, and Magnetic Fields.

Magnetic Field.

Effect Of The Medium.

Magnetomotive Force.

Ampère's Law.

Determination Of Field From Current.

Current And Current Density.

Conservation Of Charge.

Magnetic Field Of Semi-Infinite Filament.

Current Element.

Superposition Of Fields.

Biot-Savart Law.

Current Element As Dipole Flow Source.



Emf, Field Dynamics, and Maxwell's Equations.

Electromotive Force.

Ohm's Law.

Electric Power Density.

Faraday-Maxwell Law.

How Ampère's Law Fails.

Ampère-Maxwell Law.

Types Of Current. Magnetic Field Of A Moving Charge.

Gauss's Magnetic Law.

Boundary Conditions.

Extraordinary Boundary Conditions.

Summary Of Boundary Conditions And Effects Of Conductivity.

Superconductors, Plasmas, And Space Charge.



Maxwell's Equations and Quasistatic Analysis.

Field Equations.

Maxwell's Equations.

Quasistatic Fields.

Surprises For Circuit Analysts.

Systematic Quasistatic Analysis.

Normal Modes.

Cylindrical Cavity.

Fields In A Wire.

Microstrip Lines.



Transmission Lines, Time Delay, and Wave Propagation.

Transmission Line Parameters.

Transmission Line Equations.

Quasistatic Analysis Of Transmission Line.

Summation Of Series.

Interpretation: Matched Line.

Interpretation Waves.

Mismatched Line.

Incident And Reflected Waves.



Steady-State Wave Transmission and Plane Waves.

Sinusoidal Steady State.

Complex Exponentials.

Sinusoidal Waves.

Transmission Lines In The Steady State.

Power Transfer.

Plane Waves.

Wave Designators.

Sinusoidal Plane Waves.


Linear And Circular Polarization.

Optically Active Media.

Incident And Reflected Plane Waves.

Source Of Plane Waves.

Load Impedances For Plane Waves.



Impedance Matching Techniques and Oblique Waves.

Standing Waves.

mpedance Measurement And Standing Wave Ratio.

Impedance Matching With A Tuning Stub.

Smith Chart.

Reflection At A Mirror.

Antireflection Coating.

Oblique Incidence.

Oblique Waves As Nonuniform Transverse Waves.

Snell's Laws.

Transverse Electric And Transverse Magnetic Polarizations. Brewster's Angle.

Failure Of Snell's Law.

Reactive Impedances.

Total Internal Reflection.

Significance For Dielectric Waveguides.

Reflection At Grazing Incidence.



Poynting Theorems and Lossy Transmission Lines.

Poynting Theorem.


Coaxial Line.

Complex Poynting Theorem.


General Transmission Lines.

Solution To General Transmission Line Equations.


Plane Waves In Conductors.



Waveguiding and Radiating Structures.

Parallel-Plate Transmission Line.


Separation Of Variables.

TE And TM Modes. Interpretation Of Waveguide Modes.

Wave Dispersion And Group Velocity.

Antennas And Radiation.

Antenna Terminology.



Review, Epilogue, and Appendix.

Review Of Concepts.

Vistas Ahead.



Answers to Problems.


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