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Electromagnetics for Engineers Fawwaz T. Ulaby Prentice Hall 2005


Electromagnetics for Engineers

Fawwaz T. Ulaby

Prentice Hall


416 pp





For courses in Electromagnetics offered in Electrical Engineering departments and Applied Physics. Designed specifically for a one-semester EM course covering both statics and dynamics, the book uses a number of tools to facilitate understanding of EM concepts and to demonstrate their relevance to modern technology. “Technology Briefs” provide overviews of both fundamental and sophisticated technologies, including the basic operation of an electromagnet in magnetic recording, the invention of the laser, and how EM laws underlie the operation of many types of sensors, bar code readers, GPS, communication satellites, and X-Ray tomography, among others. A CD-ROM packed with video presentations and solved problems accompanies the text. 


Table of Contents






Vector Algebra


Vector Calculus






Maxwell’s Equations for Time-Varying Fields


Plane-Wave Propagation


Transmission Lines


Wave Reflection and Transmission


Radiation and Antennas

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