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Grid Computing for Electromagnetics Luciano Tarricone and Alessandra Esposito Artech House 2004


Grid Computing for Electromagnetics

Luciano Tarricone and Alessandra Esposito

Artech House

266 pages



Today, more and more practitioners, researchers, and students are utilizing the power and efficiency of grid computing for their increasingly complex electromagnetic applications. This cutting-edge book offers you the practical and comprehensive guidance you need to use this new approach to supercomputing for your challenging projects. Supported with over 110 illustrations, the book clearly describes a high-performance, low-cost method to solving huge numerical electromagnetic problems.


You learn how to perform critical data exploration via the Web in a simple manner, build a computational grid, migrate an electromagnetic application towards grid computing, and use collaborative engineering on a daily basis to share and work with remote resources online. Moreover, this invaluable reference shows you how to use grids to explore new electromagnetic applications that can lead to innovative market and research opportunities. This complete grid computing resource covers the critical topics you need to understand, from enabling technologies and dedicated tool, to meta-applications and wireless radio base station networks.


Table of Contents




General Concept of Grids


Parallel and Distributed Architectures

Parallel and Distributed Programming

Performance Assessment

Web Computing

Computational Grids


Enabling Technologies and Dedicated Tools


Enabling Technologies: Object-Orientation

Dedicated Tools: Grid Middleware

The Globus Toolkit: An Overview

The Globus Toolkit :The Globus Security Infrastructure

The Globus Toolkit: The Resource Management Pillar

The Globus Toolkit: The Information Services Pillar

The Globus Toolkit: The Data Management Pillar

The Globus Toolkit API

The Message Passing Interface with Globus

Dedicated Tools: Economy Driven Resource Management in Grids

Web-Based Technologies and Projects

Grid-Enabled High Throughput Computing: Condor-G


Building Up a Grid


Recalling Globus Basic Concepts

Setting Up the Environment

Globus Installation

Globus Configuration

Services Start-Up

Introducing a New User to the Grid

Globus Relevant Commands to Use the Grid

Developing Grid-Enabled Applications

Message Passing in a Grid Framework


Applications: FDTD with MPI in Grid Environments


The FDTD Approach: Theoretical Background

Parallel FDTD

Migration towards Computational Grids

Numerical Performance

Remarkable Achievements


Computer-Aided Engineering of Aperture-Antenna Arrays


Numerical Techniques for the Analysis of Flange-Mounted Rectangular Apertures

A tool for the CAE of Rectangular Aperture Antenna Arrays

Parallel CAE of Aperture Arrays

Migration towards Grid Environments


Wireless Radiobase Station Networks


Foundations of Cellular Systems

Key-Factors for Current and Future Wireless Communications

Planning Wireless Networks

An Integrated System for Optimum Wireless Network Planning, Control and Reconfiguration

A Candidate Architecture for an Effective ISNOP

Grid Computing and Its Role in the ISNOP

Wireless Network Planning with Grid Computing


Conclusions and Future Trends


Grid Computing: Benefits and Limitations

Grid Computing Trends






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List of Acronyms




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