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The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas Hans Schantz Artech House 2005


The Art and Science of Ultrawideband Antennas


Hans Schantz

Artech House

340 pages



Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology is on the cutting edge of contemporary wireless development and this comprehensive treatment of UWB antennas serves as an invaluable practical reference for your antenna and RF design work. Generously supported with over 200 equations and more than 200 illustrations, this authoritative volume enables you to select the proper UWB antennas for your applications, design and analyze UWB antennas, and integrate these antennas in an RF system. You get a concise discussion on UWB antenna characteristics that allows you to quickly and correctly apply them to your projects without being bogged down by unnecessary theory. From impedance matching and a survey of time domain electromagnetics, to a taxonomy of UWB antennas and coverage of a novel approach to antenna physics involving electromagnetic energy flow, this all-encompassing book provides the hands-on, system-level knowledge you need to realize the performance benefits of ultra-wideband technology. What’s more, the book includes a complete overview of the history and development of UWB antennas, helping you to build and improve existing designs rather than reinventing them.


Table of Contents






An Introduction to UWB Antennas


Historical Introduction

What is an Antenna

UWB Antennas




Antennas as Transducers




Where Energy Goes


Antenna Matching

Antennas as Transducers



Antennas as Transformers


Antenna Impedance

Transmission Lines

Transition from Feed Line to Free Space

Impedance Transformation and Matching

Coupling Balanced and Unbalanced Lines

Antennas as Transformers



Antennas as Radiators


Time Domain and Frequency Domain

Maxwell’s Equations

Linear Antennas

Dipole Field

Antennas as Radiators



Antennas as Energy Converters



Localization of Electromagnetic Energy

Dipole Field Energy

Optimal Element Design

Fundamental Limits on Antenna Size

Antennas as Energy Converters



A Taxonomy of UWB Antennas


Frequency Independent Antennas

Small Element Electric Antennas

Small Element Magnetic Antennas

Electrically Small Antennas

Horn Antennas

Reflector Antennas




UWB Antennas in Systems


Antenna Spectral Control

Antenna Efficiency

Antenna Directivity

UWB Antennas in Systems



Conclusion and Summary


Appendix: Energy Around Time Harmonic Dipoles


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